LTC to China – Cheapest Less Than Container Shipping

When shipping to China, several freight options are available depending on the weight of your cargo. If your shipment can be broken down into smaller units and packages, it can be transported through smaller vehicles such as trucks or air freight.

However, for larger shipments such as containers, ocean or air freight is preferred as they contain larger vehicles. Another freight option is LTC, which will be further discussed below. Continue reading to learn more about how to ship a container to China from the USA, its shipping rates, and delivery times.

What is LTC Shipping?

LTC, also called LCL, which stands for Less Than Container Loads, is a type of freight shipping in which your cargo doesn’t take up the whole space in a 20 ft or 40 ft container. Since there is always some space left in this type of freight shipping, various loads are added to the same container to load it up entirely. Hence, LTC shipping is also known as groupage shipping.

How Long Does LTC Shipping to China Take?

In general, if the distance between the origin and destination locations is short, LTC delivery can take up to 15 days on average. However, your shipment can stay in transit for 15-60 days if the route is taken from Canada or from Australia. Apart from the shipping distance, the delivery time also depends on weather conditions.

How Much Does LTC Shipping to China Cost?

Due to longer delivery times, LTC shipping costs are comparatively less than air freight. Although air services can deliver your goods at a faster rate, they are costly as well. So if you’re looking for the cheapest option to ship cargo to China, ocean freight is an excellent option.

The shipping price mainly depends on the weight you’re transporting, your shipment’s dimensions, the shipping distance, and the shipping mode. If you need an estimated cost to ship freight to China from the UK, use the shipping calculator. 


To get an idea of the postage rates to ship less than a truckload to China, obtain various delivery quotes. Doing so allows you to compare the prices and choose the best freight solution to ship cargo to China.