Ship Freight to China – Cheapest & Fastest Way

If you need to ship cargo to China, there are many types of freight services you can opt for. Choosing a reliable service from the available freight solutions can be tricky, especially if you need to transport valuable goods. 

Depending on the quantity and quality of your shipment and whether it requires pallets or boxes for transportation, you can opt for any of the freight services within your budget. Let’s explore several types of freight before calculating their postage rates and delivery times.

Types of Freight

With many freight options available, choosing one that meets your shipping requirements can be easily done if you have prior knowledge about each type. For this purpose, we have provided you with the details of air, ocean, and land freight below:

Air Freight

Air freight is the best option if you have an urgent shipment planned. While air services can be expensive, they are the fastest compared to other freight solutions and can quickly get your cargo to its destination.

Ocean Freight

You may ship a container to China using ocean freight. This budget-friendly option is ideal for large loads and includes LTC and FCL. Furthermore, it is a global freight solution.

Land Freight

Land freight includes various shipping options, such as rail or truck freight. This option is cost-effective and is perfect for smaller shipments that can easily fit inside a truck. You may also ship less than a truckload to China via land freight.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship Freight to China

An estimate of the price range to ship a 20 ft container to China from the USA is $600-$1500. For budget-friendly prices and discounts, use the Coolparcel shipping calculator and avail exceptional services.

However, it is important to acknowledge that the shipping rates vary with each service type. Additionally, the shipping distance and container size also impact the overall price. If you want faster delivery of your goods, choosing a priority service is preferable, which will likely cost you more than a standard one.

How Long Does It Cost to Ship Freight to China

The type of freight service you choose decides the transit time of your shipment. In addition, the distance between the origin location and your shipment’s destination plays a huge part in determining how long the transportation will take.

For example, air freight from the USA to China can take 2-15 days. On the other hand, ocean freight takes an average of 15-25 working days or longer for the same distance.


You can also ship less than a container to China from the UK or from Australia. Moreover, if you want the best delivery quotes to send from Canada, use a shipping calculator.